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Difference between the water purifier and filter

Time:2013-1-16 9:28:28  |  Sources:  |  Author: 深圳陶氏水处理

Water purifier is very popular in the developed countries, our country are relatively small. Our understanding of it is relatively small, we will often water purifier and filter be confused, they are different.

Pure water machine adopts RO reverse osmosis technology will filter the water. Reverse osmosis technology originated in the United States of America, is now widely used in water treatment industry. The pore size of less than 0.1 nm, water pressure, water molecules from high concentration to low concentration areas, removal of metals, bacteria, and other hazardous substances, filtered water can be drunk directly.

The filter is used in PP cotton, carbon particles, net carbon, small T33 to filter water, aperture ratio relative to RO film, it through the water pressure filter out particles in high point, usually not directly for drinking.

Look from the exterior, the filter has 10 inches of single-stage, two-stage, class three, 3+1 and 3+2 filters, 20 inch single stage, bipolar, three stage filter. Each level contains a different element, the first level is generally PP, level second is the carbon particles, the third level is the net carbon, fourth is a small T33. To achieve the purpose of filtering different. The water purifier is much more complicated. The water purifier is in the third level filter after a RO film, some are fifth, low level six is the water purifier. Water purifying machine also needs a booster pump, increase water pressure. In order to let who through the RO film. But the filter does not require booster pump. In addition, water purifier has hands motivation and punching machine, hand is generally one to two weeks washing once, since the machine will automatically wash, do not have to remember it when I need to wash.

Water purifier must have water quality monitoring reports and health permit. So let us rest assured to buy, ease to use. Water purifier filter is to regular replacement of Oh, the general use of several months to a year to replace a. The replacement of the RO membrane filter in the general quality of the next 2 to 3 years.

Difference between the above on the filters and purifiers difference Oh, you understand? More pure water machine, water purifier knowledge on how you select and use clean water are very helpful!

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